It was during Christmas 2014 that we walked stumbled upon onto the the house we now call Drago. We were on our way back from a late evening surf session in Rocky Point, and when we laid eyes on the house she was locked into behind iron bars, behind with a dry garden, looking as if in black and white… and yet, you we knew it was a place we wanted to stay, and so we did.

That’s how Dragohomes was born: ; we planted a Drago plant and got to work, led by our hope desire to make this house a home and to bring out its unique character. Drago is one of those special places that gives you a sense that, before you’ve even left, you will long to return. It’s the feeling of your feet into in the sea, salty breeze in your hair, watched over by Lobos Island— –or is it by Saint Exupéry’s elephant eaten by the boaconstrictor in the Little Prince?

It’s best qualities we already there. So we started renovations to offer the best ingredients in a way that highlights their true beauty, without garish embellishments or excessive flair. Then came more homes sharing with the same spirit, and thus we created this website for so that more people like you and us and might discover this experience, as easy to enjoy, as it is difficult to describe: Fuerteventura.

At Dragohomes we don’t just rent cozy vacation homes, we strive to share our passion with you. We are your hosts on Fuerteventura and our goal is to make sure you feel at home and worry about nothing more than enjoying your stay on the island.We are here for you before and during your stay, so just let us know what you need. No matter what brings you to this beautiful island, we are here to help you make the most of your stay.

If you are  a returning “DRAGON”, you already know  what the island has to offer. If it’s your first time around, we can help you select among the island’s best activities and professionals; we work hard to secure competitive pricing and first-class service for out guests. We even have a sailboat available exclusively for our guests to sail these warm waters.

The wide range of activities available through Dragohomes includes: Take this just as examples of what we mean: 

-Learn how to sail in Dragohomes’s J80 with the best instructors.

-Surfing, windsurf, kitesurf, Stand up Paddle: learning or just rentingtake or lesson rent top of the line gear to explore on your own..

-Personal training at home, under the sun.

-Guided tours climbing volcanoesvolcano tours, walking or byon foot or electric bikes.

-Road or mountain bike.


-Scuba diving

-Yoga at homePrivate yoga classes


-Eating outGourmet dining

And of course, : nothing! One of our favorite activities is to lie back and enjoy the islandJust rest and living on an island.


Welcome to Dragohomes. Just bare your feet,Kick off your shoes and get confortable,: you’re already home.





Beatriz is the first person you meet at Dragohomes, although you might never see her. She is in charge of the booking process, asking questions and listening to your needs and wishes to ensure all is in order by the time you step foot on the island. She’s been with us since the very beginning, enthusiastic about making things happen.




Alfonso is our Ground Manager. He is a resident of the island and is on call 24/7 to make sure everything goes off without a hitch during your stay.


Alfonso arrived on Fuerteventura 22 years ago to surf the unexplored waves. Enchanted by the waves, the island’s people and lifestyle, he never left. He knows the island inside and out, having worked at surf shops, the airport, fitness clubs, and building and refurbishing houses. In fact, we met while we were renovating Drago! Our shared passion the waves and island life make him a perfect fit for the Dragohomes team, where he provides our guests a level of service that makes us unique.




Finally, we were so lucky to come across a bunch of such special people  that have been fundamental to the—sometimes challenging, but always rewarding—process of developing Dragohomes. Since we first chanced upon the Drago house in 2014 we have to thank: in the long and sometimes difficult pace of rigging up Dragohomes, we proffited the unvaluable help of some other DRAGONS:


-Elkin and his crew renovated the houses.

-Javier gave us key tips about the business.

-Jose Miguel provided legal advice, together with Almudena.

-Teresa shot many of the photographs you can see on this website.

-Jacobo is our internet guru.

-Oscar makes sure everything is neat and tidy when you arrive.

-Rocío is behind every detail of this website, heads up out Instagram account, and gives us the best advice on music and nutrition.

-Mary Kate rocks the English-language version of the website.

-Niki is drawing the new houses, and we share amazing projects to grow together

-Xabi tuned up our corporate identity

-Icnea made and supports the website

-and Rinovo keeps an eye on the booking channels and revenue management